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This is PowerPC Stuff. It's a small corner of the internet dedicated to providing obsoleted software downloads for old PPC Macs.

Why is this a thing?
Made it because there wasn't one place with everything in it. PPCArchive is incomplete, and far as I know Macintosh Repository has the unregistered 5MB limit so they're automatically worse. So instead of fancy webpages and descriptions and making things look good, I instead give you the whole site in directory listing. No bullshit, just apps for your PPC Macs.

Where is X app?
Something's not here? Shoot me a mail and I'll make sure to find it. I know I don't have absolutely everything, so it's great to get feedback on what I should toss into the archive.

Why is Tiger so barren?
Curating apps for Tiger takes extra steps compared to Leopard. I have to either verify that the version in Leopard works on Tiger as well (which is the case with a good chunk of apps) or find a version that is compatible, if there is any. Right now my objective is to curate apps for Leopard, and then curate for Tiger. If you want something for Tiger, try the version in Leopard. It might work. If not, send me a mail.

I don't want my app hosted here! Take it down! Now! Before I sue you!
Holy jesus cool your shit! Send me a mail and it'll be taken down. Sorry bout that.

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